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One of the most important platforms for fashion designers to showcase their work is the fashion shows. Today, not only Paris and Milan important fashion centers, but the list also includes India on the global fashion map. These shows are not meant for the day-to-day consumers, so to speak, but are used as marketing and launch platforms. In fact, any designer with his or her own label, launch each new season with a show. They hire the top ranking fashion models that walk the ramp in their range of clothes. Buyers and sellers form the larger section of the audience. Apart from the designers, textiles designers, and other players in the industry also showcase their line of products at such events and shows. These are then relayed on various television channels for the general public. Here “Shilpayga Events” helps you to choose theme idea for the fashion show appropriate models, venue, light and sound, DJ from selection which is accomplished by theme idea for event to end with.

We are also in the Training and promotion part of the Fashion events. Now a day at colleges and different educational institute, Club Members and corporate clients also host the Fashion Events to promote new talent, so one stop solution for your Fashion Events starting from selection, Training, Appearance, and Promotion, We are here to help you.